Gina R.

Scott and I just want to thank you for a fabulous trip! It was such a treat to go to NYC for the past two years. Everything that was planned was absolutely amazing! Thanks for all of your warm hospitality and efforts in all you did for us all!
-Gina R.


Your team is top-notch and excellent in dealing with people. I just can’t say enough about your attention to detail and going that extra mile…I’ve gotten dozens of emails from people who attended who have expressed this was the best weekend trip for a Reynolds event they’ve ever been on…I hope we get to work together again.

It truly was a fabulous time

It truly was a fabulous time and incredibly well organized. I can’t imagine it’s an easy affair looking after all those people in crowds exceeding 150,000, but they did it! …They somehow managed to get the bus in a random parking lot outside gate 3, so the minute we were all on board, they had the mounted police hold back the infield crowd to let us through, and we were on highways in nano seconds.

Tom L. 2010 Final Four Customer

Thank you very much for making this possible. My wife and I really appreciate it. We had a great time in Indy!
-Tom L. 2010 Final Four Customer


Thanks for a wonderful job creating such a memorable experience for us. You are a pro and I really appreciate it.

As you guys know

As you guys know, we have been fortunate to have spent lots of time at race tracks and often under the best of circumstances. Esoteric provided us with the best GP experience we have had…can’t remember when I’ve had more fun, laughed so much or spent time with a group more conducive to fun…We’ll be ready for another game anytime.

Wendi Roberts

We had such a great time!!! Who in your company can i Write to let them know what a great job you both did?
-Wendi Roberts

Quite frankly

Quite frankly, we were overwhelmed with the event and everything went out way. Thanks to you, …for making this a truly once in a lifetime experience!

L.C. Incentive Client

Hey Guys, Just wanted to reach out and tell you that Manny’s group had an awesome time and your suggestion regarding those seats ROCKED!! We have them for life. You all were as patient and perfect as always!!! Many many thanks for making my life easier.
-L.C. Incentive Client

R. Mudd Customer

We had a exceptionally GREAT time in Nashville ….Location was perfect for games and night life… the atmosphere, whoopin Bruce Pearl and the SEC Championship game was soo much fun… Thanks for your help and service….
-R. Mudd Customer